U-Charge® lithium phosphate advanced energy storage solutions are increasingly being used as the enabling technology for 100% reliability in uninterruptible power supply (UPS), micro grid, off-grid and switchgear power applications.


Regardless of the type of electricity generation, power plant auxiliary systems require reliable electrical systems to maintain power to cooling, feedwater, safety controls and operating equipment.

Valence Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate battery power is used to ensure 100% reliability in back-up power systems for crucial operations.

U-Charge® XP & RT systems have been developed and implemented to offer:

  • Excellent float & cycle life

  • Zero gas emissions

  • Zero maintenance

  • Reduced weight and pack size

  • Significant facility footprint cost down

  • Command and control logic enabling remote monitoring when coupled with U-Charge® XP Battery Modules.

  • System data recording and detailed performance status indicators

Micro Grid Power

Valence Technology’s U-Charge® lithium phosphate energy storage solutions have been used as the enabling technology for grid storage projects.

Hybrid micro-grid generation systems combine PV, wind and conventional generation with electrical storage to create highly efficient hybrid generation systems. Minimizing electricity generation costs and offering reliable power in remote locations a typical system can be sized at 35kw serving 10 - 20 dwellings with power maintained on a 24 hour basis. Systems use an inverter connected to a U-Charge® lithium phosphate advanced energy storage solution.

The U-Charge® control system manages battery pack state of charge and when the renewable sources become unavailable initiates a genset to automatically re-charge the pack.

Ideal for:

  • Remote power

  • Areas with unreliable grid connections

  • Mobile power solutions