Valence Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate is becoming a much sought after battery technology for unique applications demanding 100% dependable energy in 24hour & challenging operating conditions.

Medical carts

Medical carts

Medical carts are used to provide constant PC power in the healthcare sector with a range of features increasing the efficiency for healthcare facilities.

Powered by the Valence U-Charge® RT module, medical carts are used round-the-clock in a variety of applications including; data recording, medication dispensing, training and education.

U-Charge® RT offers up to 40Ah with a peak load capability of up to 80A incorporating built-in automatic protection. For full specifications click here

Cleaning machinery

Cordless industrial cleaning machines

Cordless industrial cleaning machines are becoming 'must-have' equipment for numerous facilities in hospitality, healthcare and education sectors. Cordless wet and dry floor scrubbers effectively enable anytime / anywhere cleaning, without the accompanying slip-and-fall safety risks.

Compared to standard batteries, Valence lithium-ion phosphate battery technology lasts up to 20 times longer in high frequency, quick-charge applications providing organizations 100% reliability in their cleaning equipment.

Valence powered floor scrubbers deliver the highest cleanliness and safety for unforeseen events such as spills. Innovation in this equipment sector enables increased indoor environmental quality for customers / patients / students due to their low operating noise levels.