Advanced battery modules, custom solutions and accessories

Valence Lithium Ion batteries offer an advanced energy storage solution and is a leader among lithium ion battery manufacturers.

Excellent float and cycle life with zero maintenance offers significant cost of ownership savings and complete peace of mind, through the safety inherent in Valence Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry.

Valence Standard Modules are more configurable and flexible than other lithium ion battery manufacturers’ solutions.

Standard Modules: 12V-48V Lithium Ion Batteries

Configurable into large lithium battery modules and industrial deep cycle batteries.

A range of 12V, 18V, 24V, 36V and soon to be 48V Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate battery modules comprising advanced energy storage chemistry for economic and environment focused automotive, marine, UPS and industrial applications.

U-Charge® XP Battery Modules

  • The U-Charge XP lithium ion battery series is a family of 12V, 18V, and 36V lithium battery modules, available in a variety of capacities, to be used as the building block of a larger energy storage system. The U-Charge XP modules are traditionally arranged in a multi-series/parallel configuration and not as a single battery replacement.

U-Charge® RT Battery Modules

  • U-Charge® RT modules are ‘plug-and-play’ replacement modules for lead acid applications typically requiring better run time, zero maintenance, reduced charge time and high frequency operation readiness. Valence also offers 12V and 24V lithium iron phosphate batteries based on the standard U1 battery size.

U-Charge® RJ Battery Modules

  • The RJ series is a 12V 40Ah module best suited for single module 12V applications.

P40-24 24 Volt Power Modules

  • The P40-24 Power Module is the most powerful of our lithium ion batteries, ideal for mission-critical, standby power application requiring high-power, short-duration discharges, like industrial deep cycle batteries. The Power Module offers high power density, string voltages from 24V – 1000V, high charge/discharge capability, long float life, internal battery temperature monitoring, and works over a wide operating temperature range.

Battery Management Systems

Specially designed to communicate and control packs made with U-Charge® modules offering excellent scalability. Advanced software allows multiple monitor and control functions to diagnostics equipment and keep the entire pack balanced.


Accessories designed to allow the user to configure the battery management system to best meet the demands of the application.  Complimentary monitoring software offers PC or laptop based programs to configure, monitor, diagnose, and record all aspects of the system, including individual cell voltages, temperatures, state of charge, current, balancing and error codes.