Patent Portfolio

Valence holds an extensive, domestic and worldwide patent portfolio. We provide our customers and licensees with a wide range of technology and products, as well as services including design engineering and production.

Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate Technology

Lithium iron magnesium phosphate is our technology platform for safety, high energy, low cost, environmentally friendly energy solutions. Our portfolio includes many patents related to our phosphate cathode materials, as well as patents relating to production and battery design.

Title of Patent Country Patent Number Technology Date Issued
Battery With Fusible Solid Electrolyte United States of America 5534365 Bellcore 1996-07-09
Material and method for low internal resistance LI-ion battery United States of America 5554459 Other 1996-09-10
Method of Preparing Electrodes For An Electrochemical Cell United States of America 5584893 Bellcore 1996-12-17
Carbonaceous electrode and compatible electrolyte United States of America 5643695 Other 1997-07-01
Method of Preparing Electrochemical Cells United States of America 5670273 Bellcore 1997-09-23
Lithium Ion Electrochemical Cell United States of America 5672446 Bellcore 1997-09-30
Lithium Manganese Oxy-Fluorides For Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Electrodes United States of America 5674645 Other 1997-10-07
Chelation Treatment For Reduced Self-Discharge In Li-Ion Batteries United States of America 5695887 Other 1997-12-09
Carbon Anode For Lithium Ion Electrochemical Cell United States of America 5700298 Bellcore 1997-12-23
Method For Preparing Mixed Amorphous Vanadium Oxides and Their Use As Electrodes in Rechargeable Lithium Cells United States of America 5700598 Other 1997-12-23
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