All electric refrigerated truck making transport greener in Switzerland

All-electric refrigerated truck

Post from Power Vehicle Innovation, July 4, 2012:

Renault Trucks and NESTLE Switzerland present the first full-electric refrigerated truck, powered with PVI electric drive technologies.

Nestlé Switzerland and Renault Trucks stage the world preview of a groundbreaking experimental vehicle nicknamed the e-Truck, on the Federal Square in Berne. This truck combines an all-electric 13t Renault Midlum developed by Renault Trucks with a refrigerated body that is also entirely powered by electricity. A second identical vehicle will be joining the Nestlé Switzerland fleet in September. These two vehicles will be tested distributing ice creams and refrigerated Nestlé Frisco-Findus refrigerated products to shops in the Zürich and Lausanne regions. By using these two trucks that have no equal in the field of urban goods transport, Renault Trucks and Nestlé Switzerland are making a joint statement in favour of cleaner transport in Switzerland.

All-electric refrigerated truck

Eugenio Simioni, the managing director of Nestlé Switzerland, laid particular emphasis on the “quiet and emission free” aspects of these two vehicles which “mark a new milestone in the supply chain”. They will make it possible for the Frisco logistics team to go even further towards their goal of reducing CO2 emissions, which so far has involved optimising delivery scheduling and economic driving. Green electricity will also be made part of the equation. For, under the terms of a partnership agreement with Romande energy, Nestlé is planning to install several thousand square metres of photovoltaic panels on a number of its administrative buildings at Vevey and la Tour-de-Peliz by the end of the year. This will provide sufficient energy to run the equivalent of some 30 electric trucks for a whole year! The electricity which is actually generated will be fed into the Romande Energy grid and contribute to the amount of renewable energy produced and consumed in the region.

These experimental vehicles, which are not designed for the market, are part of Renault Trucks’ ongoing research into developing and testing different solutions to improve goods transport. For in view of the challenges urban goods transport now has to face, Renault Trucks is aiming to provide a global response. First of all, by offering its customers a range based on optimised vehicles powered by highly efficient internal combustion engines which consume as little fuel as possible.

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