Control & Monitoring by Master Battery System

battery powered train with BMS

Article from Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International, July 2015:

A prototype battery-powered train required years of industry experience to be applied to the design and development of a specialist intercommunication and  master battery system

The first battery-powered train to run on the UK’s rail network in more than half a century carried its first passengers in January 2015, and Sensor-Technik UK provided a system that was integral to the successful outcome of the trial project.  The ground breaking trial marked an important milestone in the 18-month-long project and is to be used to demonstrate the viability of an eco-friendly battery-powered train for the 21st century.

battery powered train with BMS

Valence Technology a leading manufacturer of lithium-ion battery technology with which Sensor­ Technik UK has worked for over seven years was contracted by train manufacturer Bornbardier Transportation to provide the battery power for the train.  The overall aim of the development was to bridge the gaps between electrified sections of the raiI network and to enable trains to run on branch Iines in locations where it would be too expensive to install overhead electrification.

Commissioned by Valence Technology, Sensor-Technik UK was asked to design and develop an intercommunication and master battery system (BMS) that would sit between the battery packs and the train control and management system. The intrinsic chemical stability of the cells, together with secondary safety controls – firewire detection, isolation and containment measures – on board, provided the elements for safety approval of the system on passenger services. For this application the DC power supply was split across two separate packs of batteries with each containing six Valence U-BMS (battery management systems). The system design required that each pack have a dedicated master controller and all be linked together by a dedicated CANbus, to which the train was connected, to provide overall system-level data.

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