New Battery for High-Power Mission-Critical Applications


Article from The Battery Show, April 25, 2013:

Valence Technology, a global leader in the development and manufacture of safe high-performance advanced energy storage solutions, has announced the availability of the U-Charge P40-24, the first in a new generation of high-power battery modules utilizing the company’s lithium iron magnesium phosphate chemistry.

“Feedback from the market indicates a strong demand for this type of solution. Ranging from stationary, mission-critical, back-up power, to hybrid-electric vehicles for commercial fleets, the need for a safe, high-performance battery with high C-rate discharge capabilities is very evident. Given the performance characteristics, modular design and inherent safety of our lithium iron magnesium phosphate chemistry, we believe the P40-24 is ideally suited to meet this demand,” said RJ Adleman, Valence Technology’s VP of Sales and Marketing.

P40-24The P40-24, a 1.024kWh (25.6 Volt, 40 Ahr) module, is capable of 10 second discharge pulses of up to 700A (17C) and continuous discharge currents of 240A (6C). Along with providing high power discharge capabilities, the P40 can also be recharged from a 0% state of charge (SOC) to 90% SOC in less than an hour. “The P40-24 builds on Valence’s track record of proven technology. The module was designed to leverage the capabilities of our patented cathode material. The new P40-24 broadens and extends the application scope of our standard product line, offering advanced performance for applications demanding higher-power,” said Paul Krueger, Senior Director of Engineering.


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