Optare’s Versa EV Won the SMMT’s Award for Automotive Innovation 2012

Optare's Award for Automotive Innovation 2012

Valence proudly supplies the battery packs for the Versa EV bus manufactured by Optare. The small size and lightweight batteries allow room for up to 50 passengers to be transported around environmentally aware communities such as Coventry, England. Congratulations to Optare for winning this prestigious award!

Post from Optare’s site:

The most prestigious annual award for innovation in the UK automotive industry has been won by Optare plc with its all-electric fast charging bus.

The Versa EV beat off tough competition from many of the leading names in automotive design and technology from across Britain to win the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Award for Automotive Innovation 2012.

Optare's Award for Automotive Innovation 2012

“Amongst the many awards that we have won, the SMMT Award for Automotive Innovation is particularly exciting since we have been judged by our peers in the industry. We have invested a significant amount over the past three years in developing our EV’s and have learned many lessons from our early service vehicles which have been important in this success. Clearly anyone who now doubts the future of EV technology in the bus industry needs to seriously think again”, said Jim Sumner, Optare’s Chief Executive Officer.

The Versa EV is the largest of Optare’s range of electric buses and is capable of carrying in excess of 50 passengers. Along with smaller Solo and Solo SR all-electric models, Optare electric buses have been running for up to three years in revenue earning service in Durham, Dorchester (Poundbury), Nottingham, Coventry and at London’s Heathrow Airport. In all of these places the zero emissions and low noise of these vehicles are contributing to increased passenger acceptance and a cleaner and quieter local environment.

Read full post here: http://www.optare.com/news/2014/6/30/optare-scoops-britains-top-automotive-award-with-innovative-fast-charging-electric-bus