Case Study: Motive – Personal Electric Scooter Battery

Market: Motive

Custom design battery with intelligence built insideSolution: Personal Motive Electric Vehicle battery

Product: Custom Module Design

Features & Benefits:


    • High cycle life (4500 cycles to 80% DOD as a module) for low total cost of ownership
    • Twice the runtime as the previous NiMH battery
    • Reliable Electronics and Firmware
    • Extremely safe Lithium Ion chemistry
    • Robust mechanical design
    • Flame retardant plastics to UL-94V0

Battery Pack:

    • Paralleled for safety redundancy
    • Internal Battery Management System (BMS) communicates with vehicle
    • Automatic protection and balancing by BMS

Personal Electric Scooter BatteryModule Technical Specifications:

Nominal Voltage: 73.6 V

Nominal Capacity (C/5, 23°C): 5.6 Ah, 412 Wh

Weight (approx.) for 2 module system: 10.3 kg / 22.7 lbs total

Dimension incl. Terminals WxLxH: 191.15 mm x 358.89 mm x 66.6 mm

An innovative and leading manufacturer of electric personal vehicles contacted Valence to develop a robust power source for their vehicle. Their requirements for the battery included:

  • The technology must be a safe Phosphate-type
  • High cycle life and light battery
  • Must be able to handle high vibration
  • Must handle violent jolts and jumps
  • Custom battery system with BMS built-in
  • Module design must be strong
  • Fast and safe recharging

The Valence design far exceeded the prismatic cell options the company had previously evaluated. Each vehicle utilizes 2 custom modules, and is now delivering a reliable power source for up to 24 miles on a single charge.

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