Safe lithium energy for zero-emission public transport

Safe lithium energy Valence batteries

Many companies are pushing to develop viable electric power trains for commercial vehicles, with a key objective being safer applications of lithium battery technology

Excerpt from Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International, January 2016:

The global commercial vehicle market is evolving, with more focus being placed on critical measurements such as emissions and noise pollution. Recent years have seen statements from major European cities such as London and Paris, setting a roadmap for zero-emission public transport vehicles to be put in operation. As an example, local authority body Transport for London has stated that it will introduce ultra-low emissions rules by 2020 that will require all single-deck buses to be zero emission (at the point of use).

Safe lithium energy Valence batteriesIn addition to public transport, many other areas such as ports and industrial distribution centers are pushing a zero-emission agenda and as a direct result, early trials are now underway. Several of the world’s largest ports are currently engaged in initial trials for fully electric cargo-carrying vehicles, and this market is set to grow substantially in the coming years.

Valence Technology has been producing scalable U-charge lithium-ion modules for over 10 years with much success in these areas. The company’s modules all use proprietary lithium iron magnesium phosphate chemistry and are used by customers where high safety and extreme cycle life in their application are paramount. Lithium phosphate is inherently safer compared with many of the lithium oxide-based chemistries currently being offered. Although there are many important commercial vehicle applications, most fall into the 350-650V range with multiple energy capacities used depending on what customer requirements might be.

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Safe lithium energy Electric & Hybrid InternationalSafe lithium energy Electric & Hybrid International