Staubo AS Joins Valence as Norwegian Representative

Tor Staubo

Valence Technology, global lithium ion battery manufacturer, proudly announces the addition of Tor Staubo as its agent in Norway.  Tor’s focus will be to identify and develop opportunities for any applications in Norway that requires Valence’s proven, scalable energy solutions.

Tor Staubo and Brian Dargan“We are delighted that Tor has agreed to represent Valence in Norway, particularly with the growth in the Norwegian market for large scale lithium energy systems in a variety of challenging applications.  Tor is not only a talented engineer, with a wealth of experience in the marine and other industries, he is well known throughout Europe and North America as a resourceful and insightful individual,” said Brian Dargan, Managing Director for Valence EMEA.

Tor Staubo is founder and owner of several companies providing energy storage and power supplies both in Sweden and Norway specializing in commercial battery technologies. His wide experience includes regulations, safety, and certifications in the marine industry as well as working with energy storage in motive and stationary applications.

“At Staubo AS, we believe SAFETY & RELIABILITY is of utmost importance when it comes to energy storage in vessels. We are proud to say that our research within the Li-Ion industry worldwide, we found that Valence Technology is by far the global leader among safe lithium battery manufacturers,” states Staubo.  “In addition to excellent safety, we chose to partner with Valence for their long life, high capacity and superior technology solutions that fit perfectly in the markets we sell to.”

Tor StauboTor Staubo,
Staubo AS

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