Safe power for heavy equipment from port tractors to fork lifts.


Fast charge battery solutions for EV Bus and transportation.


Safe, dependable marine solutions, from tugboats to ferries.


Backup power for telecom, grid storage and data centers.


The Valence Advantage
Valence Lithium Ion Solutions for Marine Applications

Who Chooses Valence?

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Valence Technology, headquartered in Austin Texas, is a global leader among safe lithium ion battery manufacturers. Through our intuitive design, the manufacture of large lithium ion batteries as a “drop-in” replacement for lead-acid batteries is a reality. Our fast-charging, long-life lithium iron magnesium phosphate batteries are the heart of advanced energy storage solutions. Valence powers some of the world’s most innovative and environmentally friendly technology, ranging from grid storage to commercial electric vehicles, from industrial heavy equipment batteries to marine drive, house power and navigation equipment.
Lithium ion battery manufacturer Valence cells are safe

LiFeMgPO4 cells under puncture or short circuit are much less likely than other lithium ion batteries to experience thermal runaway. Different lithium ion technologies exhibit different safety profiles. In large format applications, bigger than laptops and cell phones, the choice of cathode material becomes more critical with respect to its inherent chemical safety factors. Our proprietary LiFeMgPO4 batteries offer high energy and power densities without compromising safety, along with robust temperature performance and best in class cycle life.

Valence LiFeMgPO4 batteries have superior cycle life

As a result of our stable, high-quality chemistry, Valence 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V lithium ion batteries have a superior cycle life compared to other existing technologies. In fact, compared to lead acid batteries, Valence batteries cycle 10 times more, while being half the weight and much smaller. By combining these modular batteries with our Battery Management System, customers are powering tug boats, locomotives and buses with power solutions up to 1000V.

The switchover from lead acid batteries is drop-in easy

The proprietary Valence LiFeMgPO4 product line has superior cycle life compared to both lead acid and lithium mixed oxide batteries. Valence was the first of large lithium ion battery manufacturers to develop a product line that conforms to Battery Council International (BCI) standards and form factors. As a result, Valence lithium ion batteries are a “drop in” solution for lead acid replacement, which means they are easy to implement and eliminate re-tooling charges. These attributes allow for a seamless transition from lead acid to lithium ion batteries.

Around The World in an Electric Bus

Is it possible to travel the world in 80 days aboard an electric vehicle? That is what 12 teams from around the world are attempting to do in the endurance race, 80eDays 2016, which began on June 16th in Barcelona, Spain.  The challenge entails traveling a 25,000 km route through 20 countries on 3 different continents in order to circle the globe with electric vehicles in just 80 days and returning to Barcelona. One of the main initiatives of the race is to hold events in key cities to raise awareness and demonstrate throughout the world the potential of electric...

Emission Free EV Buses for Environmentally Conscious Towns in Europe

Valence proudly supplies the battery modules for Optare EV buses. The small size and lightweight batteries allow passengers to be comfortably transported in environmentally conscious areas around European towns & cities with lower running costs than equivalent diesel powered vehicles. Passengers and drivers enjoy the whisper quiet electric drive train and the community benefits from its emission free driving. Valence Technology enables public transportation to benefit from all of the advantages electric vehicles have to offer. Read the latest articles on the Optare electric buses using Valence batteries. From Optare’s Press Release Apr 4, 2016: Scotland’s first electric bus service...