Lithium Ion Batteries tailored for the Medical industry. We present customized battery packs for high reliability applications - spanning from medical carts, CAT scan machines to MRI machines and medical analyzers.


Valence has served the medical sector for over three decades, delivering tailored power solutions for a diverse array of medical devices and applications. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility, exceeding 50,000 square feet, boasts ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification. Our capabilities encompass in-house engineering, design, and testing, ensuring the fulfillment of our customers' comprehensive product requirements.

Over two decades, we have cultivated enduring partnerships with numerous medical clients. Our core objectives encompass furnishing top-notch products with unparalleled customer service to bolster the present and future operations of our clients.

Valence maintains affiliations with a majority of premier global cell manufacturers. This empowers us to provide the optimal cell for your specific application. Rigorous in-house testing of the cells integrated into our packs substantiates and independently verifies performance specifications.


Lithium Ion Battery for Medical Carts & Equipment

In the dynamic healthcare realm, the discerning choice is cutting-edge battery technology that prioritizes safety, extends runtimes while shortening recharging periods, and notably reduces weight, enhancing mobility. Offering twice the runtime while weighing roughly half of an equivalently sized lead acid battery, the U-charge RJ series rechargeable lithium-ion battery stands as an ideal selection when demanding high energy density and intrinsic safety. A multitude of U-charge advanced battery technology modules are presently operational in various medical products. The RJ model's exceptional cycle life obviates the need for multiple battery replacements during equipment lifespan, translating to cost savings in maintenance and downtime.

Key Benefits:

  • 24-hour runtime when charged during shift changes/breaks.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery's longevity mirrors that of the equipment.
  • Maintenance or servicing is unnecessary throughout its lifespan.
  • The battery's lightweight nature facilitates easy maneuverability.
  • Accurate State of Charge information is facilitated through intelligent communication with the battery.

U-Charge Group U1 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Valence Battery batteries offer an optimal solution for medical carts, mobile carts (COWs), or any mobile medical device necessitating autonomous power.

Built upon Valence Battery's decade-spanning experience in producing 12V batteries for the medical market, the U1-12RJ is a 12-volt 40Ah battery, sized akin to a Group U1 battery, yet boasting the runtime of a larger 55Ah lead acid battery. This battery was meticulously engineered for seamless communication with advanced li-ion inverter/chargers, like those by Tripp Lite and AMETEK®/POWERVAR, requiring only a straightforward RJ45 patch cable to facilitate communication.

Key Features

  • Full recharge achievable in as little as 2 hours.
  • Thousands of cycles in lifespan (4500 cycles to 60% rated capacity).
  • Standard 5-year warranty, prorated.
  • Sealed, maintenance-free design.
  • Incorporates safeguards against over-charge, over-discharge, and short circuit situations.
  • Leverages safe lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry.
  • Holds certifications such as UL 2054 (commercial battery safety standard) and IEC 62133 (international recognition for commercial batteries in medical devices).