Electric Power Take Off

Our lithium ion battery is becoming a much-sought-after battery technology for unique applications demanding dependable energy, and operating in challenging operating conditions.



Cordless industrial cleaning machines with advanced battery technology Cordless industrial cleaning machines are becoming ‘must-have’ equipment for numerous facilities in hospitality, healthcare and education sectors. Cordless wet and dry floor scrubbers effectively enable anytime / anywhere cleaning, without the accompanying corded or fuelling alternatives. Compared to standard batteries, Lithion Battery lithium ion advanced battery technology lasts up to 20 times longer in high frequency, quick-charge applications providing organizations superior reliability in their cleaning equipment. Lithion Battery-powered floor scrubbers deliver the highest cleanliness and safety for unforeseen events such as spills. Innovation in this equipment sector enables increased indoor environmental quality for customers / patients / students due to their low operating noise levels. Read more about how a global technology developer of industrial floor care equipment requested a reliable energy storage system to provide motive as well as brush power for their professional floor scrubbers here. Our Equipment Solutions are powered by the Lithion Battery U-Charge® RT lithium ion module, please click here for full specifications.