Off-Highway Vehicles

Lithium Ion Batteries for Fully Electric, Hybrid, and Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

Valence customers are leading an energy revolution, introducing environmentally friendly equipment with streamlined designs and optimized EV systems, harnessing the power of U-Charge© lithium phosphate systems that set the current energy benchmark.



Valence's lithium phosphate chemistry has been driving the first commercial electric transportation buses of their kind across the US and Europe, enabling clean, eco-friendly, noiseless, and economically viable public transportation services.

From full electric to hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in a range of formats including mini-buses and double-deckers, end-users can achieve stringent environmental and cost-saving objectives through contemporary transport applications. These cutting-edge drive systems leverage Valence's U-Charge© lithium phosphate battery systems, setting new standards for fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction. These battery systems extend from electric vehicle batteries to AGV batteries, fostering a future marked by energy efficiency.

Valence proudly supplies battery modules for Optare EV buses. These compact and lightweight batteries enable comfortable environmentally-conscious transportation within European towns and cities, boasting lower operational costs in comparison to equivalent diesel vehicles. Passengers and drivers alike enjoy the serene electric drive train, while communities benefit from emission-free journeys. Valence empowers public transportation to reap the full spectrum of advantages offered by electric vehicles.


Commercial electric vehicles powered by Valence offer a myriad of potential advantages over conventional internal combustion cars, including substantial reductions in urban air pollution. Valence's batteries offer end-users exceptional range, cycle life, and, most importantly, inherent safety.

Testing has verified that lithium iron phosphate technology (LFP) ranks among the safest types of lithium batteries available.


Valence batteries are used in a variety of trucks, from commercial delivery vehicles to medium-duty electric trucks and refrigerated transports used for shipping food and pharmaceuticals. In cities such as London, where Ultra Low Emission Zones are expanding, full electric operation of refrigerated transport is becoming essential. For truck fleets, reduced reliance on fossil fuels ensures long-term cost savings alongside consistent energy costs, mitigating the price fluctuations associated with gasoline or diesel vehicles.


Valence has pioneered a 500kWh battery system currently employed on the UK Railway Network to power regional hybrid trains.

These batteries have undergone independent validation by British infrastructure manager, Network Rail, in conjunction with leading train manufacturer Bombardier Rail. Their focus centered on assessing battery-powered trains for short, non-electrified rail lines. Out of the various battery technologies and manufacturers considered, Valence's battery system stood out as the only battery successfully employed for passenger-carrying trials.


Over 500 cargo-scooters powered by Valence are in operation, harnessing Lithium Phosphate technology.

Tailored for the delivery market and inner-city transportation, the lithium iron phosphate battery pack facilitates a lightweight and functional design, cutting down energy costs and maintenance needs. Electric scooters are proving to be cost-effective and easy to maintain compared to their gasoline-powered counterparts. The Oxygen Cargo scooter employs a Valence U-Charge® XP module battery pack, enabling a lightweight design while reducing energy costs and maintenance requirements.

Electric scooters are setting new standards throughout Europe for various customers, including postal and food delivery services, courier companies, and law enforcement agencies. Valence's lithium iron phosphate solution surpasses lead-acid and nickel-zinc batteries with superior energy-to-weight ratios, all while maintaining inherent safety. For more than a decade, Valence has provided secure, reliable battery packs for a prominent personal electric scooter manufacturer, satisfying stringent demands for vibration resistance, lightweight construction, and rapid charging.

"Valence is primed to meet the demands of customers seeking to curtail vehicle operational expenses while reducing CO2 emissions. Valence exclusively partners with multiple commercial vehicle manufacturers with ambitious plans for expanding their presence within the EV market."