Fully Electric Bus Case Study


This vehicle has now proved such a success that it is being used across the UK and Europe in city buses, university transport, airport park & ride shuttles, and tourist buses. Over 60 are currently in service and this vehicle is soon to be part of the largest fully electric bus fleet in Europe.

Technical Specifications

Working with a leading global bus builder, Lithion Battery’ (formerly Valence Technology) has become the supplier of choice for their electric bus portfolio. The main offering in this range of vehicles is a 10 meter bus that can carry up to 37 seated passengers and has a maximum range of 150 kilometers.

This platform has several options that can be offered as part of the Lithion Battery’ energy package.

These include:

  • A CHAdeMO compliant Fast Charging DC option
  • Options for inductive (wireless) charging
  • Fully integrated remote monitoring through GPRS over 3G cellular communications
  • Modular design allows customer to incorporate increased redundancy and range

Features & Benefits


  • High cycle life
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • No ventilation required
  • Reliable electronics and firmware
  • Inherently safe lithium ion chemistry
  • Rugged mechanical design
  • Scalable for different voltages & capacities

Battery Pack

  • Configurable for many customer specific charging requirements such as CHAdeMO
  • Includes Battery Management System (U-BMS) + higher level Master Battery Server
  • Inter-modular balancing by BMS, module cell balancing at module level.
  • Compatible with standard chargers such as Brusa and EDN