Energy Storage Systems


Daily Savings Generated

Lower your monthly utility bill by off-setting grid usage.

Off Grid Capable

Stop being dependent on an unreliable grid.

Whole Home/Business

Power everything in your home or business. Everything.

Keep More Money in Your Pocket

As fossil fuel backed utility prices increase every year, many are looking to find cheaper cleaner solutions to power their home. Many US states are beginning to use time-of-use rates, which makes afternoon and evening energy prices much more expensive than morning rates. Using a Valence battery system will help you peak shave and avoid inflated afternoon energy surge rates. Valence offers the best battery solutions for your home or business. LFP Batteries for any Application.

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Here at Valence, we believe Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries are the future. Compared to more Traditional battery compositions LFP batteries are sustainably sourced, easier to recycle, have longer lifespans, and have drastically better performance over time. Not only are LFP batteries good for the environment and your wallet, but they are also safer than other battery compositions due to improved thermal control and fire safety mechanisms. Whether you are pairing with solar to offset electric bills or you’re looking for a safe off-grid power storage solution, our inverter-agnostic batteries can keep anything running.

A Modern Approach

People vary. Their habits vary. At Valence we offer a product that is customizable to your needs. Our modular packages for homes, businesses, and industrial uses make it easy to cater power storage to an individual customer. Our batteries are comprised of Tier 1 prismatic cells which makes it easy for us to stand by our 10 year warranty. Our competitors can’t match our quality standard. Have an installer that prefers using specific inverters or installation equipment? Our residential batteries will work with nearly any 48-volt inverter and we have closed-loop communication with most.