Valence Successfully Completed ECE-R100 Revision 2 Compliance Testing


Valence Technology, Inc. has received confirmation from approvals agency Applus+ IDIADA, Spain, of passing its recent ECE R100 Revision 2 testing on their U-Charge® U27 range of lithium ion batteries. Valence Technology is the first lithium battery producer to have passed these strenuous tests at the module only level.

ECE R100 Revision 2 type approval required on new electric vehicle types entering service in Europe. These tests include vibration testing, thermal shock testing, fire resistance (immersion in fuel fire), over-temperature, over charge and over discharge testing. In addition, Valence has performed the testing for this new regulation, where possible, at the module level without the inclusion of the Valence Battery Management System (BMS), which provides system level protection through contactors and other safety devices. Passing these tests without a BMS present for system protection fully demonstrates the inherent safety of Valence’s U-Charge modules. This result provides clear and conclusive evidence of the safety and suitability of the Valence U-Charge lithium ion battery modules for the rigors of commercial EV applications.

Valence has completed this most challenging series of tests to help our customers through the arduous ECE R100 Revision 2 type approvals for battery powered vehicles. This testing negates the need for the vehicle manufacturer to repeat any of these tests during their final sign off with IDIADA which dramatically reduces OEM time to market, no matter where they are located in Europe.

Applus+ IDIADA offers design, testing, engineering, and homologation services to the automotive industry worldwide. Klaus Kersting, product manager EV/HEV at IDIADA said recently, “We at IDIADA believe this recent achievement by the Valence team is testament to the safety, durability, long life and robust product developed by Valence over the past decade”, Klaus furthermore added that, “The approach taken by Valence to approve at the module level instead of the pack level is an innovative and unique way to give their customers maximum flexibility at minimal cost. We are proud to have partnered with Valence through this process and now look forward to working closely with their customers to certify their vehicles”.

“Valence is delighted to make this exciting and significant announcement, in conjunction with our approvals partner IDIADA”, said Brian Dargan, managing director at Lithion Battery, EMEA, “These tests demonstrate the inherent safety of Valence technology’s proprietary chemistry and battery module design. We trust that existing and new customers alike will see the benefit through reduced testing costs and will give our customers confidence to use Valence in all types of commercial EV applications.”

About Lithion Battery
Valence, Powered by Lithion, is a global leader in the development and manufacture of safe, long-life modular lithium iron phosphate advanced energy storage solutions. Valence’s solutions enable some of the world’s most innovative and environmentally friendly applications, ranging from commercial electric vehicles to industrial and marine equipment.

Valence features a range of safe, proven lithium ion battery modules that can be scaled to any capacity up to 1000V using a Valence proprietary Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS provides contactor control and module string balancing while providing a communication interface via CANBus to the outside world from the Valence modules.

Valence offers a proven technology and manufacturing infrastructure that delivers TS16949 and IS9001 approved products and processes, including an extensive global patent portfolio. In addition to its corporate headquarters in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Lithion has a research and development center in Nevada, a European sales office in Northern Ireland, manufacturing facilities and APAC sales operations in both USA and China, along with global fulfillment centers in North America and Europe.

U-Charge is a registered trademark of Lithion Battery.