Robot Room Service Built by Savioke and Powered by Valence

Presenting AURA, the room service robot

One hotel in Singapore is taking room service to a new level thanks to AURA, the room service robot.

AURA works in the M Social Hotel in Singapore — a lifestyle hotel designed with the business-traveling millennial in mind.

“The inspiration behind AURA the Relay Robot is to bring convenience and delight to guests and to help staff focus on improving guest experiences,” Lee Richards, Millennium Hotels and Resorts’ vice president of operations, tells CNN Travel.

The brainchild of robot-builders Savioke, AURA is designed to deliver room amenities to guests. She’s the first of her kind outside the United States, so her role at M Social marks a turning point in the Southeast Asian hospitality industry.

“Savioke […] is committed to measurably improve the lives of people by creating and deploying friendly service robots that work safely, securely and reliably in human environments,” says Richards. AURA is compact, stylish and skilled. She can operate an elevator, navigate her way to guests’ doors and let them know when she has arrived outside.

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Savioke‘s AURA is powered by Valence batteries.