UPS Case Study


A global technology developer of uninterruptible power supplies(UPS) requested an energy storage system to backup their power supply for mission critical applications. They wanted a system that was more reliable than lead acid and with less maintenance. They also preferred to have a more efficient static solution over that of a more wasteful rotary UPS. Valence (now part of Lithion Battery) provided a solution that allows the UPS equipment to be dependably used for over a decade with limited maintenance. In this case, each 480 VDC UPS battery cabinet is able to support a 275kVA load for 1 minute of backup utilizing only 20 standard U-Charge P40-24 modules. Three cabinets in parallel meet the 1 minute rating of a 750 or 825 KVA load. Since they are half the weight of VRLA battery cabinets, our solution allows for an easy floor installation.

Features & Benefits


  • High cycle life, long float life
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • No ventilation required
  • Inherently safe lithium ion chemistry
  • Robust mechanical design
  • Flame retardant plastics to UL94-V0
  • LED battery status indicator

Battery Pack

  • Scalable in series from 25.6 to 700 VDC
  • Scalable in parallel for longer runtimes
  • Optional CANbus Monitoring Kit
  • Intelligent Battery Management System
  • Automatic cell balancing
  • Automatic protection from over-charge or over-discharge conditions


Building Block : P40-24 Power Module
Voltage : 25.6 VDC nominal
Pulse Current for 1 minute at 23°C : 600A
Weight (approx.) : 16.5 kg/ 36.3 lbs.
Dimension incl. terminals LxWxH : 10.08” x 6.5” x 10.24”